Friday, February 18, 2011

Grindcore Alphabet: B

Man, I really want one of those.

So what did we learn in week one of our alphabetical mixatology? Well for starters, there’s a metric shit-ton of grind/fastcore/what have you bands with names that begin with the letter A. Turns out the letter B is for blastbeat as well.
Here’s your letter B mixtape [Mediafire]:

BruceXCampbell – “Drenched in Blood” (United States)
Bloody Phoenix – “A Brother’s Betrayal” (United States)
Black Ganion – “Corpse” (Japan)
Biovore – “Digital” (United States)
Beyond Terror Beyond Grace – “Fading Light” (Australia)
Blood I Bleed – “Insensible We Are” (Holland)
Bodies in the Gears of the Apparatus – “Big Bad Mean Nasty” (United States)
Burnt by the Sun – “Forlani” (United States)
Bangsat – “Kingdom of Hypocrisy” (Indonesia)
Body Hammer – “MPD Psycho” (United States)
Black Army Jacket – “Saccadic Eye Movement” (United States)
Biolich – “Unfortunately They Don’t Let Us Store Bodies in the Dumpster at Work” (United States)
Butcher ABC – “Crime Against Humanity (Carnage cover)” (Japan)
Bolesno Grinje – “Jedan Dan” (Croatia)
Burned Up Bled Dry – “Below Zero” (United States)
Battletorn – “Terminal Dawn” (United States)
Bolz’n – “666 Hektopascal” (Germany)
Birdflesh – “After Ski Obliteration” (Sweden)
Breed – “Insanity of Grandeur” (Japan)
Blockheads – “I’ve Been” (France)
Bastards – “You’re Not Entertaining” (United States)
Brob – “Insane Scream” (Japan)
Boltstein – “Abnormal Weather” (Japan)
Benumb – “Statistics” (United States)
Brutal Truth – “Forever in a Daze” (United States)

Total to date: 52 bands


Andrew Childers said...

i'll kick it off: i forgot bathtub shitter. doh.

Bill Willingham IV, Esquire said...

Hahaha, so you did!

I've been interested in Bodies in the Gears for some time, and I like what samples I've heard from their EP. I need to track that down.

I guess maybe you could've thrown some reallllly early Bolt Thrower on there?

I got nothin'.

Alex Layzell said...

Bad Acid Trip
Bastard Son Of Your Mum
Bastardos Capitalistas
Belching Beast
Bestial Vomit
Bile (Now called Skullhog, I think you might like the horror film they play on)
Black Hole of Calcutta
Blasting All Rotten Fuckers
Blodsprut (may be too noisecore)
Blood Duster
Blood Freak
Bloodred Bacteria
Bloody Act of Terror
Blue Holocaust
Brutal Death
Brutality Reigns Supreme

I actually went through all my artists with the letter B for this one.

Zmaj said...

Andrew, had you included BxSx, you'd probably be receiving a bundle of complaints from a certain guy by email.

Empirically speaking.

I'm loving this Grindcore Alphabet concept. :D

DesiccatedVeins said...

Yeah, I think you mined this one pretty well, Childers. And you dodged quite a digital bullet forgetting BtS.

Letter C is going to be even better than this one, at least in terms of blastbeatitude.

Ryan Page said...

Thanks for throwing Body Hammer on there. I really need to work on this new album...

GC said...

after some cosmetic surgery to the slap-tastic files, i integrated the first two in installments into my itunes library. i already have quite a few of the tracks now doubled up, but hey i did it because i love (and miss) a good sampler...

GC said...

a few i'd like to see in C....

-Cripple Bastards