Friday, April 1, 2011

Grindcore Alphabet: H

His Hero is Grind

Hello. Here we are again. How’s it all going? Hanging in there? Having a good time? Hear any good bands lately? Hopefully one or two of these will tickle your fancy. Hope you like it.
Here’s your letter H mixtape[Mediafire]

His Hero is Gone – “Like Weeds” (United States)
Hope Collapse – “Cold Steel Penetrates Your Flesh” (United States)
HeWhoCorrupts – “Sell ’Em All” (United States)
Humanity Falls – “To Have or to Be” (United States)
Hayaino Daisuki – “Kirei” (United States/Japan)
Hatred Surge – “Dark Cricles” (United States)
Homo Iratus – “Ka Mate” (Greece)
Hombrinus Dudes – “Mutate, Regulate” (United States)
Hellbastard – “Justly Executed” (England)
Hemdale – “It Burns…And It Just Plain Smells Bad” (United States)
Human Remains – “Human” (United States)
Hip Cops – “Global Famine” (United States)
Hummingbird of Death – “The Terrorists Win” (United States)
Hellchild – “What’s For Live or Die” (Japan)
Hellterror – “Ceritakan” (Malaysia)
Heresy – “Face Up to It!” (England)

Total to date: 177 bands


gamefaced said...

hutt : (

DesiccatedVeins said...

Hypoptalasias, Hellnation, Head Hits Concrete...

Andrew Childers said...

damn there's so many hells i lost track.

Unknown said...

This is an awesome mix(in terms of bands chosen, can't comment on song flow cause I haven't DLd it), but it is seriously lacking in the Haemorrhage department.

Andrew Childers said...

you're giving me way too much credit if you think i'm considering song flow. that's pretty much the order the songs ended up in when i dumped them in a folder.

orfee said...

holiday, billie


Andrew Childers said...

i could use voetsek's version of "strange fruit" when we get to V if that makes you feel better.

orfee said...

sounds nice. yes, please.


Anonymous said...

hirax - hate fear and power 1986!