Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekend Punk Pick: The Crucifucks

Have you ever said to yourself, "Self, I really love the Dead Kennedys, but it would have been really awesome if they swapped in Rodger Rabbit for Jello Biafra." Well, Self, you are in luck because that pretty much sums up Wisconsin's greatest contribution to '80s punk, The Crucifucks. Deliberately provocative (their debut, self-titled album was broken up by a running phone conversation with a local cop and campus authorities trying to shut down an upcoming house show) and patently absurd, The Crucifucks were surrealist agitators in service of the lulz on their debut self-titled album and follow up Wisconsin (the less said of their early '90s reunion record L.D. Eye the better). They also continue the long tradition of great punk songs that desperately need grind covers with "Earth by Invitation Only."


Kevin said...

It took many years for me to get into this band. I'm from the same town, and the legend status they had left me scratching my head as to why anyone liked this shit. Now I get it, but it took a long ass time.

Alex Layzell said...

Wow I really love this stuff, so catchy! Can't take the vocalist serious though, he seems like a psychotically calm trigger happy maniac, yet another glorious find on G&P.

Andrew Childers said...

it took me quite a while to figure out if corbin dart was serious or not too. i think i finally just gave up and enjoyed the 'fucks for what they are.