Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Demo-lition Derby: Shangkuan Lingfeng

Shangkuan Lingfeng
If your precocious toddler formed an impromptu grind band on your kitchen floor with upturned pots and pans, it would probably sound a lot like Shangkuan Lingfeng's three song rehearsal demo. This is probably the tinniest demo I've heard all year. The drums sound like an overturned saucier getting thwacked with a kitchen spoon and I'm not entirely convinced the guitars, buried deep in the mix, haven't been swapped out for a bandsaw.
That said, this Indonesian grindcore troupe succeeds by dint of sheer grit and chutzpah where technology failed them. It's got a certain energy and panache that redeems its amateur origins. (The band called it "raw as fuck.") It sounds like it was recorded in your living room and listening to it is like inviting them over for a private show, cruddy garage-quality equipment and all. But when you can cut through the squall, there are hints of 324, Terrorizer and countrymen Bangsat lurking in their songwriting.
Final song, "Bodoh," is the demo's gem. It boasts the most robust guitar sound and features the best overall balance of songwriting, production and performance. It's the best indication of what Shangkuan Lingfeng could accomplish with some decent equipment and a real recording budget. If they can clean their sound up (but not too much) this could be yet another fun Southeast Asian grind band to watch. Check out their demo here.


Alexander. O said...

Band named after the beautiful Chinese Martial-Arts actress, huh. 'Dragon Gate Inn' is one of my favorite flicks. Essential piece of Asian cinema, if you ask me. King Hu rules.

She is sometimes credited as Polly Kuan, though.

I guess I should check out this band.

Unknown said...

Hey bro! Thanks for the review!
Im Robert or Ting, the Bassist of the band.
We also have new release, split album with Corrupt Humanity(Scotland)

You could check it here :

Thanks for appreciate our work! Grindcheers!