Friday, April 3, 2009

Blast(beat) from the Past: Sewn Shut (How Swede it is Again, Part 4)

Sewn Shut
Rediscovering the Dead
The political is personal, or so goes the thinking of aging ’70s leftists. But for Sweden’s Sewn Shut, the political is pathological. Exalting in the same deep seated political misanthropy that sends Rotten Sound and countrymen Retaliation on killing sprees motivated this two man CSI: Malmo episode.
Why argue politics when you can just slaughter the stupid and end all the bickering?
Though the songs collected here come from various splits with our gore fan brethren, Sewn Shut are less interested in feasting on entrails as much so as reading them, trying to augur the source of humanity’s self destructive impulses.
Whatever its source, turns out humanity can be exorcized with a burly blend of grind’s most misanthropic progenitors. From the sound of it, drummer/vocalist/and occasional guitarist and bassist Rodrigo has successfully completed an internship at the Ken Own Institute of Percussion Production. His skinswork consistently hits with that same flat, sickening whaling-on-a-three-day-old –corpse sound that made Reek of Putrefaction a classic. Guitarist/bassist Esse also exhumes and consumes grind's finer progenitors, ripping through the classic Carcass and Repulsion back catalogues like a cemetry backhoe.
Given that Rediscovering the Dead is a compilation, the production is bit spotty but overall holds up well enough for your aspiring thrill killer grind fiend. Rediscover this dead twosome and climb that water tower with a rifle and a smile.

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