Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Silence is Deafening

I generally loathe mp3s, but I hadn’t realized the queasy accommodation I had made with them until my laptop met an unfortunate fate involving a leaking water bottle and my work bag.
That’s right. I did it again.
Both my laptop and my mp3 player took a bath and it didn’t end well. I guess it's time to start another sticker collection.
While I was smart enough to back up my blog files this time, I hadn’t really bothered with all the music since I still prefer CDs. However, I forgot about all the cool downloads people had been sending me (luckily I never delete an email so I should be able to painstakingly recover all that again).
More importantly, I’d never realized that every time I opened my laptop I’d fire up the media player. Every time I rode the train to work, I had my mp3 player blocking out the inane tourist conversations. Now, I actually have to block out time specifically to listen to music when before it had become my constant background soundtrack. It's been a very disconcerting transition.
While it won't impact my posting, I had been getting ready to review the new mp3-only albums from Gigantic Brain and (yes, by popular demand) Cellgraft, both of which are fanfuckingtastic. (See what the always excellent Zmaj, Orthodoxyn and Deathgrind Freak had to say in my absence.) Those will have to be postponed for a bit because for some reason my wife doesn’t seem thrilled at the idea of grindcore rubbing elbows with Etta James and Bjork on her laptop. I think she’s secretly scared of that much awesome infecting her computer. That and she thinks I’m a total jinx now.
Also, two posts with cat pictures in a row! The internet, it’s made of cats.


Ryan Page said...

Sorry to hear about your laptop. I'll send some stickers along with the next package of stuff.

Alex Layzell said...

I feel your pain, about a year ago my external hard drive went bust, and it is a pain to rebuild an entire collection, I almost cried since I had actually requested a number of vinyl rips. Cheers for the name drop, although the "always excellent" on my part is an overstatement.

Andrew Childers said...

i'm kinda rough on computers, but i'm re-laptopped. now i just gotta re-rip and re-download all the stuff i had on my old one. this time i'll make sure i do a better job of backing stuff up.