Friday, April 29, 2011

Grindcore Alphabet: M

Here we are halfway through the alphabet and 250 bands deep into grindcore, power violence, fastcore, whatever else it is. This week you get treated to the triple M awesomeness of My Minds Mine (a personal favorite), the Japanese glory that is Mortalized as well as the pivotal stomp of Man is the Bastard (as well as the less pivotal cloning of Marion Barry). Macabre shares their treasured family recipes and Mule Skinner gets all up in that stank.
This is your letter M mixtape [Mediafire]:

My Minds Mine – “Drop Fascists, Not Bombs” (Holland)
Mercenary Cockroach – “Age of Deception” (Croatia)
Mehkago N.T. – “Holy Shit” (United States)
Mortalized – “Third Stone From Hell” (Japan)
Mindflair – “Only for Yourself” (Germany)
Magnicide – “Hello Misery” (Singapore)
Mastic Scum – “Dead Remains” (Switzerland)
Maruta – “A Sea of Dead Serpents” (United States)
Misery Index – “Servants of Progress” (United States)
Mind Eraser – “Shutting Down” (United States)
Motiveless – “Strange Appetite” (Japan)
Mesrine – “Dirty Christ” (Canada)
Massgrav – “Nar Ska Massan Resa Sig?” (Sweden)
Macabre – “Is it Soup Yet?” (United States)
Magrudergrind – “Built to Blast” (United States)
Man is the Bastard – “Ether Rag” (United States)
Mumakil – “Face Reality” (Switzerland)
Man Will Destroy Himself – “Fuse” (United States)
Marion Barry – “Spaceforce Anthem” (United States)
Mule Skinner – “Mule Fuck” (United States)
Multiplex – “Exasperation” (Japan)
Melt-Banana – “Third Attack” (Japan)
Morser – “The Indirect Threat (to World Freedom)” (Germany)

Total to date: 250 bands


Unknown said...

Man Is Mostly Water
Minor Threat
Municipal Waste(Dave Witte band, come on!)
Modern Life Is War
Mob 47
Mind Eraser (Powerviolence)
Merciless Death
Mind of Asian
MUGA(Jap grind, splits with SWAAARM)
Mondo Gecko
Machetzo(Spanish Grind)
Matka Teresea(Danish Mince)
Mindless Mutant
Most Precious Blood
Mudvayne lolololololol

Unknown said...

Just saw I said Mind Eraser after you, sorry missed it.

gamefaced said...

mortalized swoon ; )

um, on glaring fucking omission:

moody blues anyway!

Andrew Childers said...

minaj, nicky

Will said...

No Massgrave?! wow

NickV said...

Mammoth Grinder, Malefaction, Mehkago NT, Makabert Fynd...
I thought I saw Massgrav up there

Andrew Childers said...

it's the great massgrav v. massgrave faceoff. guess i forgot one. and nick, look again, mehkago is on there.

Bill Willingham IV, Esquire said...

Melt-Bananananananananan yay!

Alexander said...

Speed. Satan.

Unknown said...

I thought about naming Mammoth Grinder, but meh.

Tupac Briseño said...

Hello dudes the link is broken..
can you please re up

Esta compilacion esta genial

Anonymous said...

I got all of them except M!

Oh, dear.

I checked Napster, Soulseek AND Kazaa, and I couldn't find all the tracks.

Could you make the M comp. available again?

Much appreciation (for the comps and your tireless grindthusiasm).


Anonymous said...

the link is down¡¡¡ please re upload it¡¡
saludos de mexico