Friday, July 8, 2011

Demo-lition Derby: Priapus

Air Loom
North Carolina’s Priapus leave me absolutely speechless. Not because their Maruta meets Benumb at a Jello wrestling convention crush doesn’t kick ass. Because it totally does. No, Priapus have stolen all my words because cmon… Priapus! So many dick jokes to choose from to kick this off. I’m paralyzed by the possibilities. As it is, Priapus is turgid with possibilities because they swing enough sack to give Jesse Helms horrific Mapplethorpe flashbacks. Their six song demo verily throbs with one of the burliest guitar tones you’ll ever hear on a demo, exploding with an orgasmic fury.
Ok, but enough of that.
Over 11 minutes of erectile destruction, Air Loom mixes slippery fingered dexterity with a grunting Neanderthal bluntness. It’s the same subterranean grumble that slouches toward Maruta, waiting to be born. All of that is corralled by a Pete Pontikoff style drill sergeant bark that keeps all the kiddies in line. Highlights include the prickly hedgehog “Where is Everybody,” which is spiked all over with concertina wire guitar nastiness.
You can check out Air Loom at Priapus’ Bandcamp page, and if it tickles your nethers, a short run of CDs is also available at Big Cartel. I’d highly recommend giving this one a spin, but if enjoyment lasts more than four hours, consult your physician.


Unknown said...

I wasn't impressed.

Alex Layzell said...

Loved it, a few minor things that need refinment, but the formula and overall direction of it all is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

this is some sick music, songwriting is pretty intense here