Friday, July 15, 2011

Demo-lition Derby: Divorce Party

Divorce Party
Astrocongertion Oporium
I hate to start with a motheaten cliché, but here it goes: Divorce Party are about the journey not the destination. That is unless you consider “down the rabbit hole” to be a destination. A potent audio psychedelic, Divorce Party is what would happen if Melt-Banana were to drunkenly hook up with Minus the Bear for some Phantomsmasher cosplay at a chiptunes convention.
What I’m saying is somewhere James Plotkin is smiling in approval, but if you’re not a multidimensional musical visionary, the five songs of blibbity bloop core with Charles Dodgson-style nonsensical wordplay can be frustratingly discursive. “Chipidy Clop,” a fairly representative sample smack in the middle of the EP, is a giant bouncy balloon castle of a song where the rhythms stumble drunkenly and slide askance, leaving you little purchase. It’s a kaleidoscopic swirl of coruscating shapes and colors. The band holds up a fun house mirror to grind and punk sensibilities, but I found many of the songs never seemed to grow beyond mildly entertaining slights of musical hand. Whether this Jabberwock-core is a postmodern rip on musical stagnation or audio trolling, that’s for you to decide. Two of their EPs are available at their Bandcamp page.

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