Monday, November 7, 2011

Blast(beat) from the Past: AmTerrorXp

Audible Animism

Self Released

A psychedelic Godzilla on the cover and music awash in hip-hop accoutrements may unearth long-repressed memories of Denver the Last Dinosaur for many of you in the right demographic. Somehow Cephalochromoscope's very own Orfee and his comrade in grind pile all that and a shitload of other pop culture detritus in a Cuisinart and punch liquefy under the guise of AmTerrorXP (aka American Terrorism Experience, as if a couple of overly polite snowbacks can tell good old Americans about terror. What do they know about American Exceptionalism, hmmm? USA! USA! USA!). The insane smoothie they pour out is a blend of Asterisk* introspection and early Agoraphobic Nosebleed insanity (Zmaj went with 324, Discordance Axis and Swarrrm, if that helps). The guitars bite and snarl with a lovely mid-range crunch, forming the foundation for the attendant blasting and screaming.
The Canuckleheads' audio chop shop rips parts from disparate bits of Godzilla, Dracula, hip hop and '60s pop. With all that going on, the songs themselves can occasionally get lost in a mish-mash. However, when the seconds-long bursts of audio shrapnel do hit, they snap and snarl with impressive dexterity and focus. They're good enough that I wish the duo would have left off all the heaps of frosting so I can enjoy the spongey cakey goodness inside. A straight up album of their spastic flechette grind would kick you a new ice hole.
If I've piqued your interest, you can get your own hot little hands on this one over at Cephalochromoscope.

[Full disclosure: Orfee sent me a copy.]


Unknown said...

For sure have to check this out.

gamefaced said...

this cd is awesome and all but imo both these dudes are total bastards.

Andrew Childers said...

i get the feeling you may not be the most unbiased observer, hmmm? ;)

gamefaced said...

: )

Zmaj said...

I love Audible Animism. Still got an extra copy or two that orfee sent me, and I actually planned on sending one of those + some additional things to you. Those additional things never became physical and blah blah blah... nothing.

Everybody get this - but especially Spazz fans.