Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weekend Punk Pick: The Sonics

The Sonics were inventing punk back when John Lydon was swimming blissfully in his Irish pappy's balls. At the same time the Beatles were crooning about holding your hand to legions of 12 year olds, The Sonics were screaming about blue balls ("Psycho"), slurping poison ("Strychnine") and evil chicks ("The Witch") while destroying covers of '60s staples such as "Do You Love Me" and "Have Love, Will Travel." The songs were simple and played with blunt force brutality, driven by ridiculous pounding of drummer Bob "Boom Boom" Bennett and the crotch-level sax sway of Rob Lind. The little Seattle band never had much success in their lives, but they influenced what would inevitably become punk. The compilation The Ultimate Sonics includes a interview with befuddled bassist Andy Parypa who's absolutely oblivious to the band's influence and astounded anybody would bother to interview him about his 40-year old garage band. He may not get it, but a whole host of rockers who came after certainly did.

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Zmaj said...

Best, noisiest garage band. I mean, I like The Kingsmen, The Trashmen and all that, but The Sonics are the best.