Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Punk Pick: Minutemen

Brutal Truth already did a fine job ripping through "Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs" on Evolution Through Revolution, but "Joe McCarthy's Ghost" is a tune just begging for a grindcore cover. I kicked back to watch We Jam Econo, an excellent documentary about the Minutemen, a few weeks ago. If you've got even the slightest interest in this much-missed band, it's a mandatory watch. Very few bands were as astute as the Minutemen in analyzing the language and economic structures that were stacked up against the little man.


Bill Willingham IV, Esquire said...

I have the album the Bob Dylan song came from after hearing BT cover it. Pretty fucking cool.

Laid-back and still angry, if that makes sense.

I'll definitely have to dig further into them.

Andrew Childers said...

get thee a copy of the paranoid time 7-inch (available on post mersh vol 3) and DOUBLE NICKELS ON THE DIME! forthwith young man.