Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekend Punk Pick: Gang of Four

The revolution will be danceable. England's brilliant Gang of Four, named after a group of executed Chinese counterrevolutionaries, mixed a Marxian fixation on the economic woes of a depressed underclass and the financial mechanisms that kept then down with a danceable brand of funky punk. At a time when Wall Street is being occupied, Tea Partiers are obsessed with government debt and austerity is causing populist riots across Europe, there are very few bands that feel more relevant. If society is selling you damaged goods, send them back. Keep the chance that will do you good.


Zmaj said...

So you post post-punk! Gang of awesome.

Have one from my part of the world, Mr. C! - a band to love -

Andrew Childers said...

that intro reminds me of something, a circle jerks song i think. but i can't quite place it.

i don't think gang of four even need the post. they were pretty all around punk in approach and attitude.