Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Punk Pick: I Spy

Classic Canadian punk from the frigid wastes of Manitoba, I Spy kicked ass in every way imaginable, but they're probably most famous for Todd "the Rod" Kowalski. He later went on to short lived grind band Swallowing Shit before taking John K. Samson's bass slot in Propagandhi on the last three albums. Seriously, damn near every song this band recorded, available on their pope-pooping discography Perversity is Spreading...It's About Time! is a fucking punk classic: "Remain" "Appliances and Cars," "Just Between Friends," "Sixty Billion Served". You need to get down with this shit.


perpetual strife said...

Funny I was just going through "How to Clean Everything' and remembered how much I loved that band when I was younger.

I Spy are pretty cool, thanks for the heads up.

Andrew Childers said...

i've been binging on kowalski-era propagandhi albums lately for a post i'm planning for the next couple of weeks. they pair perfectly with i spy.