Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Punk Pick: MDC

MDC always seemed to me to be Dead Kennedys without the irony. Pissed off at the same stuff, MDC weren't ones to mince words. They also larded their politics with a heavy layer of humor, but it was bitter, black, biting humor rather than Jello Biafra's reductio ad absurdum. While subsequent albums unfortunately slid further down the meh scale, MDC dropped an undeniable punk gem with Millions of Dead Cops, producing a handful of certifiable punk gems like "John Wayne Was a Nazi" and "Corporate Deathburger."


Unknown said...

I love that first LP they did. It's a really fucking good record and sets the lyrical tone for bands like Weekend Nachos to follow up with.

Arekusu said...

My favorite song of theirs appeared on a Alternative Tentacles compilation: All's Quiet on the Western Front.
I had never head such unabashed fury thrown at authority; they compared SF cops to nazis and the KKK. The Only Good Cop is still one of the best (and most scathing) punk songs ever recorded. MDC definitely didn't mince words. You hit the nail on the head: MDC is the DKs without the humor and the irony.