Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Carcass Word of the Day Calendar: Oct. 8, 2008

Now here’s a true gem from Carcass’ magic murder bag, “Pyosisified (Rotten to the Gore)” is a (I think, grammatically incorrect) classic brutally ripped from Reek of Putrefaction. While there may be one too many syllables in the word pyosisified, the song itself is a heart warming tale of posthumous pus formation that for some reason has not become a staple on the funeral circuit. Go figure.

The lingering scirrhus begins to harden
As the insides fall prey to putrefaction
Rotting tissue turns to mush and pulp
As your mind is torn by encephalitis
Your cavities rot with ulcers
Your infected inflammations torn
Your gizzards eaten by incursive decay
You're infernally rotten to the gore...
Juices digested from each pus-swollen pore
Insatiable hunger as I feast on the gore
Nothing gives me greater pleasure
Than a bowlful of chyme
Maggot infested kidneys
Are what I choose every time
The smell of plaguing infection
Is nauseatingly emetic
Prolonged spumescence of stale pus
Stinks like hot, putrid vomit
Your body is indurate
The insides are black as tar
Your innards gnawed by septic hate
Now a mass of empyaema
Your blood is caked
Dried and inconsistent
Your bloody rotten goreIs now vitrescent

Pyosis – n. the formation of pus.
Scirrhus – n. a dense cancer.
Encephalitis – n. an inflammation of the brain.
Chyme – n. semidigested food stored in the small intestine.
Emetic – n. something that causes vomiting.
Spumescent – adj. frothy.
Indurate – v. to make harden.
Empyema – n. a collection of pus in the body.
Vitrescent – adj. having become like glass.

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