Friday, January 22, 2010

Ear Worm

Vengeance is Mine got the drop on me on this one, but Wormrot have announced they have signed to Earache. Guitarist Rasyid let that slip a couple months ago when I interviewed him but asked me to keep that off the record until they could make their own announcement. Now the word is out. Aside from a reason to give a fuck about Earache for the first time in about 15 years (my last foray into their recent catalogue didn't end well), this is a well deserved boost for a band that released the single best album of 2009 but was somehow still criminally slept on by too many people. I'm still busy rocking Abuse and they've already got me salivating for album number two.


atanamar said...

So according to this Earache post, you, along with Invisible Oranges were directly responsible for Wormrot getting signed to Earache.
Dude, that's pretty fucking cool.
That's like real fucking grind activism.

atanamar said...

Almost as entertaining is the fact that the head of Earache records admits he downloaded an album from Mediafire (illegally) to evaluate a band. Ha!

Andrew Childers said...

haha. that's funny as hell. thanks for passing that along.

tho my feelings are hurt he called my mix garbage. that explains why earache has sucked so much ass the last 15 years.