Thursday, November 4, 2010

Demo-lition Derby: Colombian Necktie

Columbian Necktie
Thrashy power violence outfit, Colombian Necktie by their own admission on “Black Ash” have “empty pockets and a worn out concept of hope.” They also have a pretty tidy three song EP of “negative metal” that swings enough fat bottom to spring Sir Mix-a-lot’s anaconda. Working the well-worn groove hollowed out by Trap Them and, at times, Converge with a few thrashy inflections, Colombian Necktie are a band I could see growing into something more well rounded given time and a budget.
The aforementioned “Black Ash” crosses Séance Prime with hints of Petitioning the Empty Sky, riding a triumphant riff through its second half that cribs from a young Kurt Ballou. “In Your Absence’s” yowling vocals give way to a coruscated flash of guitar soloing that slinkees its way through the song. “Moris Code” [sic] is a by the numbers speed freak to close out.
For now Colombian Necktie’s influences are a tad obvious, but they do their thing well enough. Check it out here.


Miskatonic said...

I was in a classic rock cover band called Columbian Necktie (yes, we played Free Bird). Our name was the best thing about us (by far). I hope they can do something with the name.

Unknown said...

sooo are we just goint to leave the name unchanged?

Andrew Childers said...

patience, dude, couldn't do it from my work computer.

schmale Krawatte said...

Für einen besonderen Anlass wollte ich eine besonders modische Krawatte haben, nämlich eine schmale Krawatte. Auf Krawatten-Ties bin ich sofort fündig geworden!

Ryan Page said...

The name reminds of something a deathcore band would use. I think there actually is a deathcore band called chelsea grin. hahaha

Krawatte lila said...

Für einen Trauerfall in der Familie brauchte ich eine neue Krawatte lila. Kann diese Seite nur empfehlen - sehr guter Krawattenshop!