Monday, November 8, 2010

G&P Review: Rehumanize

Self Released
Grindocalypse, Rehumanize’s final revelation (those of you fluent in ancient Greek should find that hysterical) is unfortunately a bit of a mixed bag for a farewell platter. Not as consistent as Resident Apostasy, some of the 20 songs could have benefited for a few more hours of woodshedding. Some songs like “Extreme Prophetic Nightmare” or the 20 second, one dimensional “End!” are more like armatures of songs that have yet to be fleshed out, at times rickety skeletons of blasts and yelps that have yet to coalesce into something more memorable.
But when the duo clicks, things are familiarly crushing, seeding their grind with just enough death to add some piquancy to their performance. The three minute opener “Not Even One” is probably the best of the lot with a nice parfait of blasting adrenaline and shifting, mercurial tension. “Obligated to Suffer” also has a nice locomotive propulsion behind its groove.
There are fewer samples this outing, which may make it easier for heathens to give Rehumanize’s Christianity a go. In fact, the band spends as much time dealing with mental health as they do the spiritual sort. Adding an interesting element to their expected evangelism, Grindocalypse delves the depths of depression and mental illness. Not in metal’s typical “I’m so crazy and dangerous” kind of baloney, but rather in a realistic, confessional manner that exudes the honest mental anguish that can come from psychological trauma. Turns out Hell is not just a place; it’s also a state of mind.
The band is giving the album away here.

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Alex Layzell said...

I am glad these guys offer some intellectual and meaningful arguments in their lyrics, "The I am more evil than you" is possibly the most ridiculous thing in music.