Thursday, November 11, 2010

Grindcore Bracketolgy: The 4-5 Winners, Quarterfinals Preview

*Just a quick clarification: voting is not yet open on the next matchups. This was just a quick update to let you know where things stand now that round 1 is over. Sorry if I didn't make that clear. Voting kicks off for realz next week. Don't worry. I'll make sure you know when to go.*

Mark it down. Round one is in the books and here’s what you had to say about the 4-5 faceoffs. I don’t envy you guys having to pick between some of these.

North America
Total Fucking Destruction? More like totally fucking blown out. In a Hoak on Hoak matchup, Brutal Truth’s legacy and evolutionary revolution powered them to decimating 12-1 whuppin’.

Asia and Australia
With plenty of abstentions, The Kill strangulated Agents of Abhorrence to claim the Land of Oz crown by 5-3.

With Crowpath’s status as tr00 grind called into question, Gadget ground the competition under foot. Their sleek take on the traditional Scandinavian sound claimed a 10-3 triumph.

Continental Europe and the United Kingdom
I don’t envy you having to vote on this one at all. Of all the matchups, this is the one I would have had the hardest time calling. In a narrow decision, conquistadors Nashgul lorded it over countrymen Looking for an Answer 7-5.

So after reseeding the survivors, here’s how the next bout of matchups will stack up. Thanks to your thoughtful participation, we’re looking forward to some real headscratchers. As always, you can view the brackets here.

North America
Pig Destroyer (1) v. Brutal Truth (4)
GridLink(2) v. Kill the Client (3)

Asia and Australia
Wormrot (1) v. The Kill (5)
324 (2) v. Magnicide (3)

Rotten Sound (1) v. Gadget (4)
Sayyadina (2) v. Afgrund (3)

Continental Europe and the United Kingdom
Napalm Death (1) v. Attack of the Mad Axeman (6)
Blood I Bleed (2) v. Nashgul (5)


Alex Layzell said...
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DesiccatedVeins said...

This is just the preview, right? I assume voting won't actually commence until later.

DesiccatedVeins said...

Also, these matchups are really close, I'm very interested to see where they go from here.

Alex Layzell said...
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Alex Layzell said...

Deleted the comments, I greatly look forward to these match ups.

Flesh Monolith said...

a shame Sayyadina's pitted against Afgrund already.

I'd bet money that the finals for each contry will be Old verus New.

PxDx (Brutal truth) two bands who have become less poignant with the onset of time. Gridlink with a very promising future and KTC with a steady following

324 with concise, but established history- upstarts Wormrot that have everyone's ear.

Rotten Sound, a band that's a given nowadays agaisnt younger Sayyadina or Afgrund

and of course the kings of old, Napalm Death.

The lapses in discography create some uneven ground.It'll be an interesting outcome.

checked out Suffering Mind (better late than never). great band, a shame they've been dropped out. I'm awaiting their split with Lycanthropy and a ton of Swarrrm vinyl that I'm very excited about.

Anonymous said...

Pig Destroyer
Kill the Client
Rotten Sound
Napalm Death

Andrew Childers said...

ok yeah. sorry guys. you're jumping the gun a bit. this was just an update. voting starts next week. i'll roll them out in two stages so you don't have to post 1000 word comments defending your position.
sorry if that wasn't clear.

DRJones said...

not too thrilled with most of the remaining bands, but too bad for me, right?

weekend mock vote
na: plf v defeatist
a&a: gate v onset of serious problems
scan: feastem v gaf
ce&uk: gride v squash bowels

Andrew Childers said...

amalgamated has set it up. have at it to kill the time and keep yourself sharp.

DesiccatedVeins said...

Also to tide you over: Brooklyn Vegan has a stream of some of the new Phobia songs from 'Unrelenting.' First Phobia material I've been excited about in a LOOOONGGGG-ass time.

Anonymous said...

Brutal Truth by a whisker. Unlike every band in these brackets (w/ the exception of Napalm Death) they've been the ones who've consistently taken it to the streets and toured to every corner. I enjoy PD more, but BT live it, and for that they get the nod here.

Kill the Client. Gridlink is a weaker DA knock-off filled w/ dudes aping DA glory w/ diminished effect. Plus Gridlink blows dead dogs live.



Rotten Sound by a whisker applying the same criteria as BT vs PD. Gadget is a better band though.


Napalm Death. If there is justice they'll win the whole fucking thing.


Unknown said...

Pretty Little Flower, easy. Well I haven't really heard Defeatist so yeah.
Grids but not by much.
Haven't heard any of these bands. Well I've heard Squash Bowels but wasn't immediately blown away.

DesiccatedVeins said...

Yeah, I don't know a lot of those bands, either. I like Defeatist better than PLF because the record of theirs I got I wasn't impressed with, and I think Defeatist is pretty cool.

I like Gate, but I've never heard Onset of Serious Problems.

I got a Lycanthrophy split that Gride were on, but I only really listened to the Lycanthrophy side. I'm not really big on Squash Bowels, at least from what I've heard.

Maybe I'll come back and vote on the ones I've never heard before the weekend's over.

Will said...

thanks to the dude that posted the link to the new phobia songs streaming.