Monday, November 1, 2010

G&P Review: Cellgraft

External Habitation
Self Released
I learned my lesson from the great Crowpath uprising of 2008: give the people what they want. So, with that instructive experience firmly in mind, I present you with Cellgraft, with whom, if comments are to be believed, most of you are already intimately familiar. I mean, I did put them on my Napalm Death covers comp.
If that were not enough to start your salivary glands flowing with Pavlovian delight, External Habitation is a biologically-themed blast of 10 quick jabs and the aforementioned Napalm Death cover that just are good enough to erase the Florida tag on Fark. Florida and the Cellgraft’s black and white art should also prod your thoughts toward Assuck, whose meaty punk bleats get crossed up with Jouhou-era Discordance Axis caffeination. And neither reference point is much of an exaggeration. Cellgraft, with two self released albums under their studded belts, possess masterful songwriting skills. While just about every song is a wild eyed experiment in acceleration, Cellgraft know just when to throw a few angular hiccups into the rhythms into “Divine Resistance” or the staccato floor tom thunder that studs the colonic “Codex Alimentarius.”
Fiercely DIY, releasing their own albums, Cellgraft defy lyrical expectations with their scientifically-minded diatribes that don’t devolve into gore (like their Retribution EP) or rehash like-minded political slogans. This is a band that's poised to be major players in grindcore’s future if they can maintain their stellar quality and crash through the internet noise to reach a wider audience.
External Habitation, their eponymous debut and a gore-tinged EP are all free for download at the band’s blog.


Alex Layzell said...

Its good to see that some bands are taking their DIY stance into the 21st age, using blogger and mediafire are sure ways to get the thumbs up from my generation of grinders.

brutalex said...

DIY or die.

Fantastic review as always, couldn't agree more. You should see their patches. It's the Discordance Axis logo with a CG instead. No one can hate on that.

Ryan Page said...

I like it alot. Especially the drumming. I'm not a huge fan of the guitar tone, though it does has a kind of charm to it.

geeheeb said...

There are a ton of fiercely DIY bands still going or just getting started.

Unknown said...

These guys are sick. I really like their self-titled album. It's fast, dirty and to the point.