Monday, November 22, 2010

Demo-lition Derby: Standing on a Floor of Bodies

Standing on a Floor of Bodies
Teaching Pigs to Sing (Demo)
The grind band without a bassist is such a cliché at this point it passes without comment.
Mike Stitches, vocalist of deceased Rhode Island ragers Thousandswilldie (who seems to have this thing for elaborate band names) flips the script in his new solo project Standing on a Floor of Bodies [just to clarify, part of TWD was from Rhode Island, but Bodies is actually based in California. Sorry for any confusion.], banging out a one man brand of grind with nothing but bass and drum machine. It’s a testament to his execution that I didn’t even notice until I did some additional research on the band.
If brevity is the soul of wit, then Stitches could trade barbs with Groucho Marx as he stitches together (hardy har har that’s sew funny) 20 to 30 second quick burns of bass-led brutality blasted by samples and tape loops that give it the EP a nice, creepy vibe. “Gone the Way of All Flesh” harnesses and rides the decayed grooves that undergirded Man is the Bastard if that band ever soundtracked a psychological horror film. The snarl of “Slaughterhouse Hitchhiker” or the rapacious Pig Destroyer rampage of the title track only slam that slasher vibe home.
More than a cool experiment in treble-less songwriting Bodies crafts a consistently satisfying listening experience that sounds larger than its humble constituent parts. Check it out here in the audio format of your choice.


Alex Layzell said...

Its a shame thousandswilldie disbanded, I thought they were on to something good. Will give this a go

Ryan Page said...

let the bodies hit the floor