Monday, March 21, 2011

Demo-lition Derby: Detroit

Detroit the city may soon boast a RoboCop statue after the nerdly internet hordes chipped in a few quid to install a bust of Peter Weller downtown for reasons that remain rather vague. I’m sure that will take the out of work autoworkers’ minds off the nearly 11 percent unemployment rate.
Alberta’s Detroit the band will soon be splitting wax with blog darlings Robocop and it’s a pretty good matchup. It’s an inspired pairing because, like Maine’s finest, Detroit like to mix the blasty fasty with the screamy ragey with occasional bouts of last call stumble home beer blackout power violence in a nine minute stew of sonic abrasions. The Infest/Crossed Out crush of “Consume” lurches into a glowering, towering loom opening of “War.” The briefest flash of old-skool crossover thrash that ignites “Impalement” is also a nice touch.
Detroit don’t boast the same spine shanking sonic clarity that made Robocop’s efforts so compelling, but for a demo, the sound is pretty robust and balanced. The guitars are feedback swamped swaths of screeching noise and low end grumble. The vocals are the slavering rantings of either a tin foil hat maniac or the prescience of an unappreciated prophet. Just as soon as you decipher what he’s rambling about you may know the difference. You can check it out (as a single track without song titles) here.


brutalex said...

Infest? Crossed Out? Must listen.

Anonymous said...

hey i play drums in detroit heres the tracklisting, its still not going to be in seperate tracks though:

Father Figure
Rose Coloured Glasses

Andrew Childers said...

thanks. i meant to include that but forgot.

Ryan Page said...

"occasional bouts of last call stumble home beer blackout power violence in a nine minute stew of sonic abrasions"

I'm always impressed with how you're able to communicate something effective about the sounds without resorting to the worn out metaphors in most reviews. That quote especially.