Friday, March 4, 2011

Grindcore Alphabet: D

Who doesn’t?

D is for D-beat.
D is for death metal.
D is for digital.
All of those influences come to the fore as we plow into our fourth foray into grinding goodness. Also, Spanish bands seem to be fond of the letter D. What’s up with that? I could have filled this comp with bands whose names start with Dis-. I didn’t (feel free to lavish me with thanks in the comments). There’s only four or five instead. See if you can spot them all.
So I present you with your D mixtape [Mediafire]:

Dephosphorus – “Collimator” (Greece)
Deathbound – “Deceiving Shortcuts” (Finland)
Drugs of Faith – “Never Fail” (United States)
Desalmado – “Em Sua Horna” (Spain)
D-Compose – “Insanity of Mankind” (Holland)
Destierra – “Tu Obra” (Spain)
Disnihil – “Darker Lens” (United States)
Defecation – “Live on the Planet Earth is Fucken Cancerous” (United States/England)
Denak – “Solo” (Spain)
Drudgery – “At All Cost” (Canada)
Devastation of Life – “Corporate Disaster” (Greece)
Deathstorm – “Maggot” (Japan)
Damad – “Skintight” (United States)
Damage Digital – “Moss” (Japan)
Dr. Doom – “Keys to My Heart” (Holland)
Depression – “The Peeling Session” (Germany)
Disturbance Project – “Jodida Etupidez Humana” (Spain)
Disassociate – “Meanwhile” (United States)
Doom – “Bury the Debt” (England)
Daughters – “Pants, Meet Shit” (United States)
Dystopia – “Green Destroyed” (United States)
Disrupt – “Religion is a Fraud” (United States)
Dropdead – “You Have a Voice” (United States)
D.E.R. – “Lucro e Troca” (Brazil)
Disassociate – “Crustier Than You” (United States)
Dataclast – “Postmortem” (United States)
Defeatist – “Nameless Hell” (United States)
Discordance Axis – “Typeface” (United States)
Difenacum – “Muerte al Patron” (Spain)
Drogheda – “Terminal Depopulation Experiment” (United States)
Despise You – “Repeat Until You Fail” (United States)
Diorrhea – “Malessere Perpetuo” (Italy)

Total to date: 107 bands


Alex Layzell said...

Dead Infection
Dying Fetus (debatable)
Dead Neanderthal

Really loving this list thing! Great way to discover new bands

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Anonymous said...

Excellent initiative indeed! Keep up the great work. Retro feel for a Grind Breed.

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