Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Demo-lition Derby: Colombian Necktie

Colombian Necktie
Colombian Necktie
I’d wager your average hardcore dude or dudette is not really expecting a tidy 18 minute EP of raging rage to come slamming to a halt for four minutes of placid piano tinkling and atmospheric keyboard swashes like Colombian Necktie does with “Lirit." But it almost makes sense after the wrist cutting catharsis of shattered war vet ode “Joe,” a Tim Singer-style confessional rant full of elliptical lyrical repetition (“I’ve never had to kill my fellow man and I’ll never forget the soldier I watched die”). I don’t know if any of Colombian Necktie’s members have done time in the military, but the world-weary, deadpan delivery rings very true.
Following up on their prior three song EP, Colombian Necktie come roaring back more broad-minded but perhaps a tad less focused. The vocals have expanded to include Ryan Lipynsky black metal seething, the aforementioned Singer-esque rants and even the kind of weird clean vocal digressions beloved of many a post-Jupiter Cave In fan. While, musically Colombian Necktie feel free to explore musical digressions (again, “Lirit”) there are enough other improvements (the savage coming of age tale “Larvae” burbles with enough teenage bile and loathing to fuel nightmares of the abortion scene in Cronenberg’s The Fly) that this EP is a keeper. Hie thee unto their Bandcamp page for more.


DesiccatedVeins said...

I can't help but be wary of a band that call themselves Colombian Necktie, but this review made me kind of want to check them out.

Alex Layzell said...

Some really good stuff, I have a love of classical music too, so Lirit satisfied my alternative love.