Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Through Silver in Bloody Phoenix

I love that Bloody Phoenix mixed up their influences on second album Death to Everyone. Guitarist Jerry Flores is a grindcore old dog and it's cool to see him bust out a few new tricks.
That said... of Bloody Phoenix's new influences sounded awfully...let's call it...familiar.
Let's start with opening number "Marching into a Bottomless Well." It's a wave of tolling bells, rolling and martial drums, implacable bass lurch and funereal guitars.

But doesn't it sound a lot like Neurosis' "Through Silver in Blood," opening song to the essential album of the same name. Same plod, similar tempo, same crushing chin shot.

Am I the only one hearing this?


kunal said...

Maybe the karma balance is maintained by the fact that on Neurosis' "The Last You'll Know" (off Times Of Grace), the riff they start playing when the slow section begins (about the 1 min 10 mark) is REALLY similar to the riff that mainly features in Eyehategod's "Anxiety Hangover" (off Dopesick).

Bill Willingham IV, Esquire said...

Dude, I need to get on this. War, Hate and Misery fucking slays, so it's a sure bet for me, most likely.

Good artists borrow. Great artists steal.