Monday, January 16, 2012

Grindcore Bracketology 2: Week 1 Results/The 2-7 Matchups

Ok, so, class, what did we learn from the first week of voting?

The Old Guard
We learned the ratio of people who love grind and people who love Repulsion is essentially 1:1. The Michigan gravediggers win handily 10-1.

The Innovators
In a squeaker, Human Remains triumphed 6-5. You did your damnedest, Strife. You almost got Kapo over the hump.

The Punks

I was already worried about the gender disparity at work before we started, but now the only chick in the contest is already out as Phobia beat Cretin 7-3.

The Technicians
I don't think anybody is surprised Matsubara triumphed so easily. Even Page, good guy that he is, voted against himself. Japan's finest won 11-1.

As always, the updated brackets are available here.

So that sets us up for the 2-7 matchups. Here's this week's head to head. Once again, you've got until Sunday to argue your side.

The Old Guard
2. Steer (Carcass/Napalm Death) v. 7. Harris (Righteous Pigs/Defecation/Napalm Death)
Two Napalmers square off head to head. Each also has a significant repertoire outside of grind's first family. Who does it better?

The Innovators
2. Hull (ANb/Pig Destroyer/Anal Cunt) v. 7. Pingdum (Total Fucking Destruction)
Drum machines, nightmares and gay jokes. There's not much Hull hasn't riffed over. Flipside, Pingdum is the ringmaster of weird who gives substance and direction to the daydreams Hoak deems out of bonds for Brutal Truth.

The Punks
2. Heritage (Assuck) v. 7. Shinji (324)
Good ol' American ass beating squares off against a uniquely Japanese take on crustcore.

The Technicians
2. Marton (Discordance Axis) v. 7. Rainwater (Noisear/Kill the Client)
Will Marton grind forever alone as the best guitarist of the bunch or has an upstart weaned on his works overtaken the master?


GrindNinja said...


Perpetual Strife said...

Harris because I dislike Carcass so much.
Hull because I dislike Total Fucking Crap so much.
Heritage because Assuck might be my favorite grind band. As much as I like 324, Assuck's just like Repulsion 2.0 'cept they've got the punk ethos in their grind rather than goofy corpse stuff.
Marton: Grindcore Ninja commando team go!

Perpetual Strife said...

I should also point out that Prowler in the Yard might be one of my favorite records, and favorite grindcore release period. The riffs, along with everything else there are perfect. Never cared for AnB.

PatrickDM said...

Harris-just b/c i like ND more
Hull-he is one of my favorite guitarist and prowler is one of my favorite albums
Heritage-amazing riffs and misery index is a perfect album
Marton-so crucial for grinds evolution

Sean said...

Harris - like perpetual strife I strongly dislike Carcass.

Hull - I actually like Total Fucking Destruction quite a bit, but not more than Hull's work with Pig Destroyer

Martin - not really a choice in this match up.

Heritage - This was a difficult choice. If I had to choose which I'd rather listen to, Assuck would win.

Ryan Page said...

I don't get the carcass hate Bill Steer all the way

Scott Hull (possibly my top choice for this whole thing)

Shinji (I like both bands equally, so I went with my gut.)

I'm going to vote for Rainwater just go against the grain.

PatrickDM said...

i'm hoping scott hull,steve heritage or erik burke take it.

DesiccatedVeins said...

The Old Guard
I've gotta vote Bill Steer for The Old Guard; one thing Carcass always had over old-school Napalm was the riffs.

The Innovators
Scott Hull wins no contest over the Total Fucking Destruction guy. Not a TFD fan anyway, but it's going to take some serious muscle to beat Scott Hull no matter who you are.

The Punks
Heritage for sure in this one. They've both got a similar crusty, old-school grind pedigree, but Assück had a forward-thinking character to its riffage that 324 has never understood.

The Technicians
Now this category is actually a headscratcher. Marton completely changed the possibilities of grindcore riffage, but he did it essentially with speeded-up Voivod riffs over Witte's masterful blasting. Rainwater's got a lot of influence from Discordance Axis in his playing, but they're certainly not the only band, as the Human Remains/Lethargy love on last year's Noisear record showed. I also got to see Dorian play with Phobia this summer, and he brought the same intensity to a completely different style of grind. It's a hard call, but I think I just convinced myself. My vote goes Rainwater.

Daniel said...

Steer. Hands down. Some of the most memorable and monstrously morbid riffs in the genre. As a musician, hasn't stopped progressing (remember its GUITARISTS not BANDS we're talking about!)

Hull. traumatising sonic assualt.

Shinji. dlamatic and powelfur with japanese spirit.

I was so impressed with the spastic energy of 'subvert the dominant paradigm'. Marton delivered profound and original performances. Rainwater.

Unknown said...

Steer - For inventing gory deathgrind

Hull - ANb has a ridiculous number of different sounds, all of them excellent but still recognizable, plus I don't pay attention to anyone in TFD except Hoak

Heritage - Assuck is unfuckwithable and I've never heard of 324

Rainwater - He wrote the best grind album of 2011 in ONE FUCKING DAY

Daniel said...

Ryan I completely misunderstood your comment for a minute there reading it as "I don't get the Carcass. Hate Bill Steer all the way."

Ryan Page said...

I just gave it a quick reread and that's exactly what it looks like, haha.

Arekusu said...

The Old Guard
Steer (I happen to enjoy me some Carcass)

Without a doubt Hull gets this one. His work with Pig Destroyer and ANb are some of my favorite riffs in metal.

Assuck has obviously had the bigger impact on grind. I hear assuck riffs in tons of todays up-and-comers.

It was a super hard decision but I give this one to Rainwater. Adding up all the work he has done with Noisear, Phobia and Kill the Client, the shear weight of his catalog tipped the scales in his favor.

Flesh Monolith said...

when you guys are talking about steer being awesome, we're all thinking about Rotting in the Free World right?

Chaosphere said...

1 Steer
Love the stuff Harris has done but Steer is way more prolific. Classic era Napalm and Carcass which birthed goregrind and all the tech metal from the later stuff (and Swansong unfortunetly). Anyone who's seen him play live with Gentlemans Pistols or Angel Witch recently will know he can bust out some real groovy riffs and smooth solos as well as grind some genitals live.

2 Hull
TFD are cool but any one of ANb Pig Destroyer or Anal Cunt would be enough for me to vote for him.

3 Heritage
Assuck rule. I love how it's got a classic death metal sound but still has an intense punk vibe

4 Marton
I am really pissed off about this one. In my opinion these two should be head to head in the final and now one of them is gonna be one of the lowest ranking guitarists of the whole competition. Dorian has managed to blend Human Remains and Discordance Axis riffs with Lethargy madness and guitar wizardry with easy and should easily be in the top 5. But in the end Marton is one of my all time favourit guitarists, and his dissonant mad cap way of playing chords no has ever heard of as hyper fast speeds maing them sound like awesome riffs and melodies is second to none in my opinion.

HeroinJesus said...

Old Gaurd: Steer, because carcass fucking rules.

Innovators: i can't remember a single guitar riff from a total fucking destruction album, only sick drums and awesome vocals. Hull, on the other hand, has some of the catchiest riffs in heavy music period. Tied with Beau for my number one choice so i gotta go with Hull

Punks: Assuck, not my favorite but they're pretty great, 324 i never really listen too

Technicians: i can't do this one. like seriously, i can't. both of these guys are fucking gods. I geuss i'll pick Rainwater for this one i geuss. Fuck this decision haha.

Anonymous said...

1. Steer

2. Hull

3. Heritage

4. Marton. When I listen to Rainwater play, I hear Procopio, Burke, and a little bit of something else that might be Rainwater. When I listen to Marton play, I hear Marton.

Anonymous said...


DesiccatedVeins said...

When I listen to Marton play, I hear Piggy:

Alex Layzell said...

Old Guard: Steer, was a tough call, but Steer got the better of me.

Innovators: Hull hands down, TFD are good, but Hull's grind by way of epilepsy wins with ease.

Punks: Heritage, Misery Index is still the greatest grind album in my opinion.

Technicians: Rainwater, the mans like the eccentric locked in the study scientist able to pull out mesmerising weirdness and skull pounding brutality with far too much ease.

VALIS said...