Friday, March 16, 2012

Grind Part, Slayer Part, Garbage to the End: "The Necropolitan"

As I said before, I will not see a dime for writing Compiling Autumn. (Though Jon tells me he's about to ship off the first check to the Japanese Red Cross, so thank you all for contributing to a great cause).
That's not the complete story because Jon and I did talk about compensation for my work at first. My price: an actual copy of the impossible to find Necropolitan EP (the only recording to feature Steve Procopio on guitar). The 1997 rarity boasts early versions of "Drowned," "A Leaden Stride to Nowhere" and "The Inalienable Dreamless" as well as some pointless studio fuckery I'm told the band would just as soon forget. However, Scrooge McChang is down to his last copy and I'm not cold hearted enough to steal it from him. All of that leads me to this: the tab for "The Necropolitan" song we all know and love.
Fun bonus fact: Jon swears his necropolitan predates Neil Gaiman's necropolitans in Sandman. I smell a copyright bitch war!


Anonymous said...

Awesome tab.

Also, I'm with you. Not sure I could take Jon's last copy of that EP.

Zmaj said...

The Necropolitan 7"... Got it for around five bucks from some Japanese guy. Then, one day, I literally felt a hunch or however you'd describe that shit in English and I sent it to someone just like that (as a surprise? can't quite tell...) and I never even got to know if the person received it! No regrets, anyhow.