Friday, March 9, 2012

One Track Mind

If you're a fan of short songs like myself and Mr. Biafra, you're going to be in luck this summer. Blastbeat Mailmurder proprietor Panos Agoros (a.k.a. the Dephosphorus/Straighthate vocalist) just announced the first iteration of his new Monomaniac series of 7-inchers, collecting 25 bands of various metallic stripes each spitting out a single minute of their trademark noise.

The first volume is expected sometime this summer with (hopefully) more to follow. I mention this because I (humbly) played a middle man role by running through my grindcore Rolodex and hooking Panos up with a handful of bands I thought would jibe with his vibe. Given my participation, I won't be giving this one a full review when it comes out, but I'm definitely excited by the roster he's pulled together.
Click on over to the Monomaniac link to stream first track "Traitors Gallow" by New Zealand black/death metal band Diocletian to get a sense of the kind of mind numbing monstrosities in the offing. If that's enough to tease your palette, here's a complete list of participants.

* DIOCLETIAN — bestial black/death apotheosis — New Zealand
* NECROMANTIA — black metal cult — Greece
* ROBOCOP and/or BODY HAMMER — grindcore — U.S.A.
* END — black metal — Greece
* THE ONE — unorthodox black metal — UK
* CONAN — doom/sludge — U.K.
* BILL KOULIGAS — electronics/noise — Greece/Germany
* SETE STAR SEPT — avantgarde grinding noise — Japan
* MUTANT SUPREMACY — death metal — USA
* RAVENCULT — black thrashing metal — Greece
* WAKE — grinding hardcore — Canada
* PRIAPUS — grindcore — USA
* DETROIT — powerviolence — Canada
* AMNIS NIHILI — harsh & mesmerizing metal — Greece
* THEDOWNGOING — grindcore — Australia
* CLOUD RAT — hardcore/grind — USA
* HEAD CLEANER — death/grind — Greece
* THE COMMUNION — blood metal slut grind — USA
* HAPPOJA — blackened metal/hardcore — Finland
* THE SENSELESS (ex-The Berzerker, ex-Mithras) — progressive grind, heavy mental — Australia
* THE OILY MENACE — grindcore — USA
* GRIPE — grindcore — USA
* BURIAL HORDES — violent black metal — Greece
* ATAVISM — brutal death/grind — Greece
* PROGRESS OF INHUMANITY — grindcore — Greece


DesiccatedVeins said...

Nice. I like a ton of these bands, this is going to be a great series.

Unknown said...

Do want.