Friday, January 30, 2009

G&P review: Crowpath

One With Filth
It helps to think of One With Filth as the soundtrack to a nonexistent Swedish slasher film, something like Henrik: Portrait of a Serial Killer. Crowpath’s latest longplayer is purported to be a concept album based on a notorious Swedish serial killer, a cop charged with investigating his own crimes.
Thanks to the helpful insistence of Shanetera and Zmaj, I finally filled a rather sizeable hole in my metal listening with Crowpath. Not that I have an excuse for tardiness because Willowtip has never sent me astray.
In between the grinding and the sludging, Crowpath set down spidery guitar work that almost reaches shred speeds when the band suddenly kicks the clutch and jumps from first to fifth gear.
The unexpected drone doom goodness of “Gryningen” boast guitars as heavy as swollen corpse and late album standout, the cacophonous “Cleansed in Chlorine whips like a tornado born of pestilential, subterranean winds, carrying aloft the whiff of discarded human remains. Closer “Retarded Angel” is the sonic equivalent of a house of mirrors, warping and stretching reality in a uniquely grotesque fashion.
My only complaint is One With Filth’s production is just as muted and gray as the album art, blunting the jagged and serrated edges that make the similarly sludgy Maruta or a previous album like Red on Chrome so pointed and enjoyable. But that’s a quibble because Crowpath manage to weld early Alice Cooper’s jaundiced eye for horror to white knuckled grind and sludge.


brutalex said...

Wow, it took you this long to listen to Crowpath, yo should be ashamed. I'll post one of their diddys up just for you.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the link and shoutout. I'm still stoked you like these guys enough to review them. You're so much more eloquent than me.

Andrew Childers said...

mea culpa, brutalex! mea culpa!
at least shane's goten me to see the light now.

Rosemary said...

I've got the five inch record if you need to add it to your collection.

brutalex said...

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thuglifebaldwin said...

The guy above me seems to have been off his meds and wrong about everything.