Friday, March 25, 2011

Grindcore Alphabet: G

Seven weeks in and more than a quarter of the way into the alphabet, G will be for grades. I want to hear from you how this little project is working or not. Have you discovered any new gems? Or are many of these bands lesser known for a good reason? What have been the major oversights? Who has surprised you? Drop a comment and discuss amongst yourselves.
Otherwise, here’s your letter G mixtape [Mediafire].

Gate – “My Anger to Whom” (Japan)
Gauze – “Thrash Thrash Thrash” (Japan)
Groinchurn – “Fickle World” (South Africa)
Gadget – “Requiem” (Sweden)
Gibbed – “Uncleanly Devoured Visions” (Japan)
Get Destroyed – “What a Mess” (United States)
Graf Orlock – “A Waste of Ammo” (United States)
Greber – “Hometown Heroin” (Canada)
Genocide (aka Repulsion) – “Violent Death” (United States)
Guyana Punch Line – “Political P.I.G.” (United States)
General Surgery – “Capricious Provisional Cadaver Grater” (Sweden)
Gride – “Nadije v Mijeni” (Czech Republic)
Ghostlimb – “Bridge Above the Above” (United States)
Gigantic Brain – “Melting Brain” (United States)
Gasp – “Harvest” (United States)
GridLink – “Naked Pieces Scattered” (United States/Japan)
Gods of Grind – “Binary Digit” (Japan)
Gore Beyond Necropsy – “Stench of Carnage; Gore Gore Goreality Stinking Holocaust” (Japan)
Godstomper – “Self Mosher” (United States)
Garbage Disposal – “Mind Grind-Machine” (Czech Republic)

Total to date: 161 bands


Unknown said...

this project has given me something to look forward to at the end of every week! i have found tons of awesome new bands that i otherwise wouldn't have. bands like Afgrund, CSSO and Flourishing i am ashamed to admit i had never heard of before but now i can put that shame behind me and GRRIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNDDDD!!!!!

thank you for being a beacon of noisy, ruthless hope in an otherwise desolate world

Anonymous said...

Definitely keep it up! I am certainly finding bands that I've never heard before. I'm always looking for new music and this has been a great weekly intro into some awesome stuff. Thank you.

Will said...


Unknown said...

I am ashamed to admit, i haven't listened to any of these mixtapes yet BUT I have studiously downloaded them all so far, and have tucked them away to digest at a later date. I'm sure they will be great.

What with all the free music Mr Randall is giving away at the mo, and all the other great recommendations on this site and Grind to Death, I am SOOOOOO spoilt for choice music-wise at the moment!!!!

Zmaj said...

Gotta second that "Definitely keep it up!" Grind owes you (many more blastbeats).

Andrew Childers said...

i'm not gonna stop. just curious if anybody is getting out of this. just gotta stop and check every so often. plus it's always interesting to hear from you guys who i left off.

researching this, i gotta say my two surprises were creative waste from saudi arabia of all places and Forgardur Helvetis. who new viking grind was a thing. and so good.

206 said...
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Anonymous said...

gate and gride. high on the short list of best-bands-no-on-talks-about. hope you throw in some 'insane assholes' next week.