Monday, August 1, 2011

500: The Doom That Came to Sarnath Andrew

If there’s a plodding, miserable yang to my normally up tempo grinding yin, it would be my love for painfully slow doom of the most miserable variety. Which is kinda odd considering how evenLink tempered and phlegmatic I am in general. I love good doom – something heavy and with some heart, none of that weepy red wine and roses bullshit – because it usually evokes a nice emotional reaction. I may not be a miserable bastard, but I can appreciate music that can conjure that kind of bleakness. A man cannot live on blastbeats alone.
About a year ago I commemorated my 300th mental fart with the most retardedly short mixtape I could compile. Loath to repeat myself having hit the semi-millennial post mark, instead I’ll indulge my oft-ignored penchant for sitcom-sized tunes. The 300 mixtape featured 3 second songs. This one features 30 minute songs (and one fat, hazy bastard weighing in at an hour-plus).
This is my way of saying thanks to all of you have stuck around for 500 freaking posts (For fuck’s sake why? Don’t you have lives?) . With several hours of suicidal music in the offing, don’t say I didn’t give you your money’s worth this time. In fact, it’s so fucking large (thanks, Sleep), I’ve had to upload it as two separate files.

500 Part 1

500 Part 2

Part 1:
Sleep – “Dopesmoker”
Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine – “He Who Accepts All That is Offered (The Feel Bad Hit of the Winter)”
Thorr’s Hammer – “Norge”
Eyes of Fire – “The End Result of Falling…”
5ive – “The Hemophiliac Dream”
Corrupted – “Bloodscape/[Japanese]”
Burmese – “Preyer”
Earth – “Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine”
Cathedral – “Ebony Tears”
Unearthly Trance – “In the Red”
Black Hell – “Zero (Deuce)”
Grief – “Earthworm”

Part 2:
Mindrot – “Incandescence”
Khanate – “Under Rotting Sky”
Halo – “20,000 Tonnes of Machinery to Smash Matter”
Disembowelment – “A Burial at Ornans”
Winter – “Destiny”
Electric Wizard – “Son of Nothing”
Boris – “Vomitself”
Sunn 0))) – “Cry for the Weeper”
Floor – “I Remember Nothing”
Burning Witch – “Sea Hag”
Wellington – “Friend, Son”
Toadliquor – “Nails”
Acid Bath – “Venus Blue”
Warhorse – “Scrape”
Gallhammer – “SLOG”


Luke Oram said...

I also love the slow, I think different speed compliment each other well.

Vegas said...

Nice! That Corrupted song might be my favorite one by them.

This is a great primer on underground sludge/doom today.

Andrew Childers said...

i particularly like having both the band/song teeth of lions rule the divine on the same comp. it's a little touch of which i'm particularly proud.

DRJones said...

"love, hate (slugbaiting)"

DesiccatedVeins said...

I approve. I'll have to check out the ones I'm not familiar with when I get a chance. Happy 500!

Miskatonic said...

Sleep - Classic!
Teeth - Too busy listeing to Earth to check this out yet. I'll get to it.
Thorr - Love it!
Eyes of Fire - I think I saw Shane Embry wearing their shirt. I didn't know they were doom.
5ive - Dumbest name since se7en.
Corrupted - I've heard other material.
Burmese - ???
Earth - Essential!
Cathedral - Weak production doesn't keep this from being awesome!
Unearthly Trance - Wonderful!
Black Hell - Never even heard the name.
Grief - Saving for a rainy day.
Mindrot - Hmmm
Khanate - Feels like someone's tugging on a fish hook fed through my ear and hooked to my brain.
Halo - ...
Disembowlement - I'm embarrassed to say that I have yet to check this out
Winter - Drool
Electric Wizard - I'm glad you pulled from Come my Fanatics... Holy shit that's a great record!!!
Boris - Amplifier is easily the best record from Boris. One of my all time favorites!!!
Sunn O))) - Black One is also one of all time faves!!!
Floor - ...
Burning Witch - Classic!
Wellington - ...
Toadliquor - ...
Acid Bath - Big fan of the 1st record. I'll get tot this one before I die.
Warhorse - Mouth watering as I type.
Gallhammer - Why are Hellhammer worshippers so slow?

Andrew Childers said...

miskatonic, eyes of fire is a bunch of ex-mindrot guys with one of phobia's ex-drummers. [translation: andrew crack].

and disembowelment. sweet god they were awesome. doom needs way more blastbeats. also, "venus blue" is probably my favorite acid bath song ever. the lyrics are so fucking psychotic.

PJ said...

Kudos for putting Mindrot and Eyes of Fire on the list. Just FYI if you're into them - Eyes of Fire had a limited edition CD package with their initial release of 'Prisons' that contained a 25 minute slow burner called "Home",definitely worth trying to check out...and if you can't find it let me know and I'll e-mail you an mp3.

Flesh Monolith said...

I hope you've heard Fleshpress. my favorite sludge band. Picture Dakrthrone jaming out Eyehategod covers.

Andrew Childers said...

pj, i almost chose to put "home" on here instead of "the end result..."
it was a tough call.

and if you'll excuse me, apparently i need to go hear fleshpress.

Flesh Monolith said...

Pillars is much more Black metal. listen to that first tracka nd you'll shit yourself. Older stuff is more straight up sludge. Their last two eps were great too. Features the singer of DsO on drums (he's really fucking good). Made my handle after them.

PatrickDM said...

no eyehategod?

PatrickDM said...

it's funny you posted this because i've actually fallen out of grind mode lately and doom/sludge is 75% of what i've been listening to

Andrew Childers said...

ehg are one of those bands i've never bothered to check out. at this point i wonder if they would live up to the hype cuz my doom/sludge tastes are pretty set in stone.

Flesh Monolith said...

Dopesick is a masterpiece Andrew. I was hesitant about the band because of their name, but Dopesick is one of the most nihilistic things I've ever heard.

What'd you think of Fleshpress?

GrindNinja said...

check out space bong from Australia dude, you will not be disappointed.

Miskatonic said...

Speaking of Boris, have you heard Vein?. It's a limited vinyl release done on the heels of Pink. The style is somewhere between hardcore and grindcore sans blastbeats, with a few noise elements. The final track is a long experimental droner (of course) but it's really quite good all the way through.

You should also know that there are two versions of Vein pressed in identical wax. The other one is not hardcore.