Monday, January 23, 2012

Grindcore Bracketology 2: Week 2 Results/The 3-6 Matchups

I'm just gonna go ahead and say up front that I hate all of you. Every last one of you ingrate bastards. I know I deliberately rigged this round to have some of the most interesting head to heads. But damn, people. Seriously? Let's see if you can figure out why I'm so speechless.

Here's the 2-7 results:

The Old Guard
Though the anti-Carcass crowd came on strong early, Bill Steer ultimately triumphed over Mick Harris 10-5.

The Innovators
No surprise that Scott Hull got the first shut out of the competition, blowing out Pingdum with a perfect 15-0.

The Punks
324's Shinji now rates a 12-3 on the Misery Index after getting stomped by Heritage.

The Technicians
Rainwater by 8-7 over Marton.

Anyway, the updated brackets can be viewed here.
So, on to the 3-6 matchups. Not that you deserve them. As always, you've got until Sunday.

The Old Guard
3. Gurn (Brutal Truth) v. 6. Toshimi (S.O.B.)
Drug crazed grind freak v. sabotaged organized barbarian.

The Innovators
3. Talarczyk (Nasum) v. 6. Papirmollen (Parlamentarisk Sodomi/PSUDOKU)
A Scandinavian smackdown between the patron saint of modern grind and Norway's master of both cornholes and wormholes.

The Punks
3. Richardson (Kill the Client) v. 6. Beau (Insect Warfare)
Who is king of all Texas? This may be more divisive than the outcome of the Alamo.

The Technicians
3. Burke (Lethargy/Sulaco/Brutal Truth) v. 6. Unks/Nowoczynski (Creation is Crucifixion)
Burke has been tearing shit with little fanfare for 20 years. Creation is Crucifixion were 20 years ahead of their time.


Ryan Page said...

sorry about that...





Andrew Childers said...

you're all on double super secret probation from now on. but that was a verrrrrrry interesting insight into people's tastes.

Perpetual Strife said...

The first inkling to the asininity was when Kapo lost, or maybe last year when Swarrrm was knocked out early. I kid I kid...

Old: I abstain. Sure I like both bands but not familiar enough with SOB to make a comment.

Innovation: I don't know what Talarczyk innovated, sounds more akin to the Punks than innovators. For this reason Papirmollen wins without question. Sodomi and Psudoku are real finds (the former being an absolute gem) in a sea of often repeated noise.

Punks: Beau. The light that burns blah blah. Kill the Client's been a slowly dwindling candle for awhile now, Insect Warfare's possibly the best grindcore band of the 2000's (DxAx are more in the 20th century).

Technicians: Again, I abstain; foreign territory here.

Voting results have never instilled much confidence in humanity for me.

DesiccatedVeins said...

...I think I got one of those butterfly ballots.

The Old Guard

Gurn. Pretty much the same story as Assück vs. 324.

The Innovators

I respect Talarczyk as much as the next grinder, but I just have to give it to Papirmollen for being more interesting.

The Punks

Beau. Dude was a riff machine (and pretty much the only reason that the band Cellgraft exists in their current form). Also the one to thank for my incurable Arsedestroyer obsession.

The Technicians

I'll pull an abstain here, since I don't know Creation is Crucifixion's material well enough to judge.

PatrickDM said...


Papirmollen-I find his riffs very interesting and hectic. the only thing i really liked about nasum was the drums and vocals. guitar was ok.

Beau-his riffs make you want to destroy something

Burke-he's one of my favorite guitarist.

Novel said...

Old: Gurn

Innovators: Talarczyk. I love PSUDOKU but Nasum has some of the best songs and riffs in grind.

Punks: Beau. Easily.

Tech: Burke. New Sulaco and Brutal Truth are great.

Arekusu said...

I'm so stoked Rainwater won! All my picks won. Sorry Andrew.

Old - Gurn (really no contest for riffs)

Innovator: papirmollen (don't really love Nasum's guitar like I do P.S.)

Punks: Beau (Kill The Client is good but not Insect Warfare good)

Techs: Burke (because Lethargy's guitar is unbelievable)

gamefaced said...

perpetual strife, please explain what exactly you mean by 'possibly'.

Perpetual Strife said...

Haha, good point. i throw out enough horrendous exaggerations and claims I figured i should restrain myself somewhat. It's too convoluted a thing for me to explain here, I guess the simplest way for me to say it is I have a tough time saying there was a "best" in the genre when it has little to no innovation. DxAx and Pig Destroyer were trailblazers, bands like Nasum and Insect Warfare just did it really fucking well.

HeroinJesus said...

old gaurd: Abstaining (the only time i'm going to do this).

Innovators: Nasum fucking slays, i wouldn't call him an innovator but Talarczyk's songwriting is nearly unmatched in grindcore, which gives him my vote.

Punk: Beau. just listen. listen to those riffs. dosent matter which song, listen to that fucking riff. and that one. yeah, that's why.

Technicians: This is a tough one, but i'm gonna give it to burke, simply listen to his music more. All three of these guys slay though.

Andrew Childers said...

so just to clarify, since it seems to be a common refrain. i consider nasum innovators in the sense that they brought enough no elements to grind at a time when it had gotten pretty stale to really reinvigorate the sound. also, mieszko was most definitely an innovator in the studio as an engineer and producer.

discuss amongst yourselves.

Alex Layzell said...

Old Guard: Gurn, the Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses says it all.

Innovators: Papirmollen, can play both old school grind and crazy madness with perfection.

Punks: Beau, was an exceptionally tough choice to make, but for now I give Beau the benefit of the doubt.

Technicians: Burke, had no clue who creation is crucifixion were, but a quick glance of youtube fails to trump Lethargy/Brutal Truth riff love.

Vegas said...


Heritage beat 324? Really?

Bill Willingham IV, Esquire said...

Old Dudes

Gurn. His stretch with Brutal Truth is untouchable.

Space Dudes

Talarczyk. This is the hardest choice I've had to make thus far. Nasum got me into grind and is still probably my favorite grind band. That said, Big Papi is monstrous and both of his bands are fucking amazing. Nostalgia? Maybe. But there it is.

Dude it Yourself

Beau. Insect Warfare. Duh.

Complicated Dudes

Burke. One of my favorites. I love his work with Brutal Truth and I have somewhat recently developed an infatuation with Sulaco, too. CiC were rad, as well, and I need to spend more time with their stuff.

Chaosphere said...

I'm not sorry. I voted for Marton. And Rainwater and Marton should have been up against each other in the final.

Old Gaurd
Brutal Truth would probably hate all of us for voting against Toshimi. But Gurn could have in the old gaurd, the innovators, the punks and if he didn't smoke so much weed, the technicians.

Tough one, as Papiromollen has the old school vibe and does crazy spazz guitar as well. But Talarczyk gets my vote for the same reson Marton got my vote over Rainwater; he worte better guitar riffs, songs and records.

Both are brutal extreme and awesome, but Beau had the better Riffs.

Hands down win. Burke's head fuck riffs just rule.

GrindNinja said...